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Be Creative @ The Daphne Library!

Free art class for teens…..

Students in grades 6th – 12th are invited to sign up for an art workshop on Tuesday, September, 12th from 3:45 – 4:45 p.m. at the Daphne Library. Participants will be offered an opportunity to learn a new skill and create an original art piece.  All supplies will be furnished.   This is a no cost offering sponsored by the Friends of the Daphne Library.

Students can call 621-2818 ext. 211 to register. 



Back-to-School Bookmark Contest begins August 28th, 2017

bookmark contest

STEM connection at the Daphne Library!

Save the Date: August 29th @ 3:45

Join us for an After School Circuit Board Lab.  (Students – 6-12 grade)

Call or email to register: 251-621-2818 ext. 211 or lyoungblood@daphneal.com

Place: Daphne Library Community Room


Students will create a working circuit board!


metal detecting

Date: July 18, 2017

Time: 1:30 p.m.

Beep, Beep….Dig…………….Join us as we discover the possibilities of metal detecting.  Gain tips on buying the best metal detector you can afford and find out the top places to start your search for treasures. Ethics for responsible metal detecting will be addressed at the workshop. For additional information and/or to register call or email at 621-2818 ext. 211 or email lyoungblood@daphneal.com

Movies at the Library!

Teens….join us for a movie and pizza on Monday, June 12th @ 1:00 p.m.mov



SRP Vol Teens 2017

 Call 621-2818 ext. 211 to volunteer!




Belk Zen Tea Friends of the Daphne Library Judith Hafner Menola Lane Aiwen Kostmayer Tung Nguyen Models: Alex Brankenhorn, Heather Miller, Emmalee Kostmayer, Melody Lietch, Mary Harrison, Melissa Shaw, Brianna Shaw, and Carol Simmons.

Zen Tea
Friends of the Daphne Library
Judith Hafner
Menola Lane
Aiwen Kostmayer
Tung Nguyen
Models: Alex Brankenhorn, Heather Miller, Emmalee Kostmayer, Melody Lietch, Mary Harrison, Melissa Shaw, Brianna Shaw, and Carol Simmons.

2017 Daphne Library Fashion Show & Tea








April 2017 YA Calendar

Homeschool ConnectionHomeschool Connection Meeting at the Daphne Library

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 @ 10:00 a.m.

Special Guest: Diane Pribush, Daphne Art Center

Demonstrations:  making a diorama box, shading techniques, and tips on using colored pencils.


Upcoming Teen Event –

Teen Yoga with Sara

March 14th , 2017 @ 4:00 p.m.

Free event – Win a yoga mat!!!mat 3


Teen Activities...join in the fun!

Teen Activities…join in the fun!



  Young Adults Events:

Unleash your creativity!!!!

Teen Art Class at the Daphne Library on February 7, 2017 from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Call 626-2818 ext. 211 or email lyoungblood@daphneal.com to register.


Teen Outreach Service Project

February 23, 2017 @ 3:45

Call: 251-621-2818 ext. 211 or email: lyoungblood@daphneal.com to register


DSCN0973 Summer Reading Finale

2016 Summer Reading Finale!


Past Events:


vision screening at the library teen science jan 2016   Free Vision Screening                                            Science Workshop   Louise at SF high school feb 2016   Outreach to Spanish Fort High School   teens outreach to gardens 2_ feb 2016 Teens outreach to gradens feb2016 Teen Outreach to The Gardens of Daphne   TEEN ART PARTY…….DEC. 29 Teen Bookmark Party 2015 2




Flag Folding Ceremony DSCNflag2 20250699  DSCN0flag 2015694 Upcycled Christmas Crafts DSCN0 upcycle 2015 707Holiday Upcycling 2015 Exceptional Foundation Field Trip DSCN0 except2 2015700  DSCN0702 except 2015 Teen Costume Contest……………………..Winners on right! ya group costume photo 2015  teen costume winners 2015 Bookmark Contest Winners – Click Here! Bookmark Awards Photo 2015


J.T. & Mr. Jim, Ventriloquist and Magic image3 Mr Jim & JT(3) image1 Mr Jim rope trick (5) Teen Art Workshop Dec. 30, 3 – 4 pm (Registration Required) DSCN0388 Art Party DSCN0384Art teachers Linda Scott & Loran Chavez   Santa Stories Volunteers santas helpers 3 2014 Bookmark Contest Winner’s Art Workshop! DSCN0291 art party4 DSCN0287 art party DSCN0284 Art Party2 DSCN0270 art party 3


FLAG FOLDING DEMONSTRATION Nov. 2014 – Click Here! YA's learn about Flag Folding in the Library 2011  Teens and Siblings Learn to Fold Flag 2011  flag folding   IMG_0561 croped Puppy Training!  Click Here for More!


IMG_0995 2013 Teen Costume Contest Winners October Calendar for Young Adults  louise scarecrow  

Costume Contest

Costume Contest



Back to School Bookmark Contest 2014 Bookmark Winners bookmarks all 2014       Bookmark Ceremony overall Oct 21st 2014 071 Overall Winner Kyla Barton with Mayor Dane Haygood Teen “Back-to-School” Bookmark Winners The Daphne Public Library proudly announces the 2014 Teen “Back-to-School” Bookmark Contest winners. 150 bookmarks were submitted. Three over-all winners and one Librarian’s Choice was selected, along with individual grade level awards from sixth through twelfth grade. Sixth grade winners, 1st Place: Johnny Foster from Bayside Academy; 2nd Place: Riley Chapman from Bayshore Christian School; 3rd Place: Emily Buhl from Bayside Academy; Seventh grade winners, 1st Place: Julie Ready from Christ the King School, 2nd Place: Lily Pintarelli from Christ the King School; 3rd Place: Alison Boyd from Christ the King School. Eighth grade winners, 1st Place: Isabelle Brown from Daphne Middle School; 2nd Place: Savannah Mills from Daphne Middle School; 3rd Place: Emilie Hunter from Daphne Middle School. Ninth grade winners: 1st Place: Mitchell Armstrong from Spanish Fort High; 2nd Place: Naya Purdie from Spanish Fort High; 3rd Place: Cameron Holley from Daphne High School. Tenth grade winners, 1st Place: Emily Oates from Daphne High School; 2nd Place: Andreas Goff from Daphne High School; 3rd Place: Marbury Peterson from Spanish Fort High. Eleventh grade winners, 1st Place: Jenna Pierce from Daphne High School; 2nd Place: Emma Mills from Daphne High School; 3rd Place: Meredith Goergen from Daphne High School. Twelfth grade winners, 1st Place: Emma Wilson from Daphne High School; 2nd Place: Curtis Vannor from Daphne High School; 3rd Place Isabella Lopez from Daphne High School; Twelfth grade Honorable Mention: Olivia Buchanan from Daphne High School. The Teen Overall winners from the sixth through twelfth grade categories were: 1st Place: Kyla Barton from Bayside Academy; 2nd Place: Grace Thornton from Daphne Middle School; 3rd Place: Miriam McCoy, Bayside Academy. The Librarian’s Choice winner: Jeca Babalj from Spanish Fort High School The overall winners have received gift certificates from Barnes and Noble and the first place winner received an invitation to an art party hosted by Linda Scott and Loran Chavez, owners of Art Party to You. The three overall bookmarks and Librarian’s Choice from the teen division will be framed and displayed at the Daphne Public Library during the month of November. Additionally, the first place over-all bookmark will be reproduced for distribution to the public. The Back to School Bookmark contest is held annually at the beginning of each school year and is generously sponsored by the Friends of the Daphne Public Library. Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to all who participated.

Overall Winning Bookmark 20140001

Overall Winner – Kyla Barton

Teen Bookmark Winners0001   Second Place: Grace Thornton Teen Bookmark Winners0003  Third Place: Miriam McCoy Teen Bookmark Winners0002   Librarian’s Choice: Jeca Babalj

Teen Volunteers

  To view all Library Events, please visit our Library Events Calendar   Regular MEETINGS September through May: Teen Book Club, 3:45 pm, Mondays Teen Advisory Board, 3:45 pm, Second Tuesday of Every Month