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Learn about the great people who are available for your teens to get help from in the library and talk to about college, careers and much more Learn More

Past Events: News & Photos

We offer a wide variety of special events and workshops for our young adults ranging from 13 and up. Learn More

College and Career Center
Are you ready for college or all set to find a good career? We can help you make good decisions and provide you with valuable information to help you reach your goals. Learn More

Teen Computers
Whether you’re in need of a computer to research a topic for a report, surf the web, or just play games, we have a computer for you. Learn More

Teen Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community and may even earn you a little extra recognition when you graduate high school. Learn More

Request A Field Trip
A field trip to the Daphne Public Library would be a fantastic way to learn how to use the library to your benefit for education, entertainment and career opportunities. Learn More

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