Special Needs


The 2014 LSTA Grant has allowed the Daphne Public Library to offer materials and equipment for self health awareness of patrons.  A large scale is available near the front desk.  Patrons may also check out one of two portable blood pressure cuffs at the front desk (in-house use only) by leaving their Driver’s License until the cuff is returned.  Two SAD or ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’ lamps are also available for check out (in-house use only), checked out by the same method.  SAD lamps are great for seasonal depression during shorter daylight hours.  College campuses have been offering the lamps for students with great results.

The Library has added written and audiovisual materials on pregnancy, fibromyalgia, concussions, knee injuries, alcoholism recovery, obesity, diabetes and much more.  Other materials include preventative exercise and diet books and DVDs.  New exercise music CDs and DVDs for adults and children, as well as health and body books for children are also available.  The Library has subscribed to the Rosen Teen Health & Wellness online database, which covers any aspect of health a student might need to know.  There are even materials on ‘bullying.’

ROSEN Teen Health & Wellness Database

Bullying Poster



The Daphne Public Library offers Large Print books for children, youth and adults; Large Print magazines, and a selection of Braille books for adults and children.

A machine is available for in-house reading enlargement, as well as three cassette players for in-house listening to audiobooks.

The computer lab offers two computers with Large Print keyboards, one with Zoomtext, and one with JAWS software.
















Communicate freely with your family and friends wherever they are by using our Internet and your email account, by using our self-serve Fax Machine, or by using our iMAC and your own Skype account.

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