Introducing Libby by OverDrive!


New App, Same Collection


Libby is a new app by the creators of OverDrive, which patrons of the Daphne Library use to access free ebooks and audiobooks from Camellia Net. This new app by the same creators is more streamlined, more responsive and more user-friendly! The app also drastically improves playback for audiobooks and improves searching for ebooks. While this app will not be replacing the OverDrive app, it will be another option for patrons to use, offering a better solution for ebooks and audiobooks if you prefer Libby to OverDrive.


The collection in the Libby app will be identical to the collection in the OverDrive app and your holds will be maintained if you decide to try Libby. You may have to re-download your ebooks or audiobooks into the new app, but your holds will be maintained.


Click here to learn more about Libby!

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