Oral History Project

The goal of the Daphne Oral History Project is to collect and preserve local history, stories and folkways of the Daphne and Baldwin County areas. The project has two parts: the collection of digitally recorded audio from personal interviews and the collection of photographs.

Personal interviews can be accommodated in the library, using digital audio recording equipment. A set of general questions will be provided prior to the interview so you may be thinking of special stories or events that you would like to share. These questions are intended to break the ice and spark memories that others would enjoy or that might be helpful for historical research. Questions include basic information such as your name and age, as well as the names of your parents and grandparents if local. Other questions relate to personal history such as descriptions of the home place or farm, childhood games and songs, school days, holiday traditions and community activities. Historical questions are included such as descriptions of local buildings, transportation, schools, churches, employment, businesses, and social organizations. Some great ideas for sharing include stories you learned as a child from grandparents about Native American ancestry, living through the Great Depression or Civil Rights Era, the history of settlement by local ethnic groups, jubilees, development of electricity and television, and other signs of the changing times. You will not be required to speak about any particular topic and will only be asked to share what you feel comfortable with sharing.

The collection of photographs will be two-fold: a current photo of you at the time of the interview, and the collection of digitally scanned photographs that you would like to share. Your family photos can be safely scanned and labeled for the collection, with you keeping possession of your treasured originals.

All interviews and photographs will be cataloged into the Daphne Special Collection for posterity or for the use of students and other local history researchers.

Make an appointment to be interviewed by called the library at 251-620-2500 to speak with Tonja Young, Library Director. Won’t you please share your local history with us?

Photos above
Top: Mr. Sam Jenkins takes part in the Daphne Oral History Project.
Bottom: Red and Teenie Trione participate in the Daphne Oral History Project.