Daphne Special Collections

The Daphne Special Collection resources are non-circulating due to the fact that many of the items in this collection are rare and non-replaceable. The Special Collection is meant to preserve local, county, state, and regional resources for future research.

The Daphne Special Collection consists of books (hardcover and soft cover); pamphlets; transcribed oral histories; maps and atlases; government publications; biographical dictionaries; city, county and state histories; historical surveys of Alabama and the Southern Region of the United States; specific issues of periodicals specifically relating to the history, culture, or natives of the Daphne area; works by local authors; transcripts of personal papers of longtime Daphne area residents, including journals, diaries, letters, memoirs, photographs and accounts of the past; works written by native Alabama authors.

In order to support research of the Daphne area, the collection will strive to provide primarily resources on the history and culture of the Daphne area, to be supplemented by resources on the history and culture of Baldwin County, the State of Alabama, and the Southern Region of the United States. There are no limitations on the chronological periods collected, although core to basic materials will primarily focus on the period of occupation of the Daphne area by Native Americans to the present day.

The Daphne Special Collections will collect all subject areas with primary emphasis on the general history, natural history, folk history, geology, archaeology, military history, and literary accomplishments of the Daphne area followed by the geographical areas listed above.

The Daphne Special Collections has over 1,600+ items as of January 2020 and further expansion is planned. As of January 2020, serials such as journal publications are currently in the process of being added to the collection as well as an in-house, digital database of scanned and OCR enriched documents from magazines, newspapers, pamphlets and other limited resources is being constructed for patrons to use at the library.


Care and Use of Special Collections

Patrons over 18 years of age may use the Special Collection resources during regular operating hours of the library. Any patron may use only two items at one time. Photo identification must be presented to and retained by library staff during use of the resources. The patron is responsible for the condition and return of the item and should take care to properly handle items and return them promptly to staff. Pages should not be turned down or marked; items should be handled with white conservation gloves; materials should never be lain open face down. Any copies requested will be made by the Reference Librarian or Director.